Heavenly Cat Tales

Written by M.R. Wells • Connie Fleishauer • Dottie P. Adams

“With its delightful title and appealing picture of a cat on the cover, one is not surprised to discover that the three authors can make us chuckle at times. However, they also write sensitively about such profound issues as the loss of those closest to us, and the gaining of faith in God. As I was typing this, my cat knocked over a flower vase full of water on my dining room table, and I recalled one of the stories which reminds us to be patient with the shortcomings of our cats and of the people in our lives, as well!”

– Margaret M. Horwitz, PhD

It’s a funny relationship between quirky cats and their dedicated owners.

A cat begs to be petted, then strides coolly away. Calm one minute, it’s tearing up and down stairs and clawing drapes the next. Yet we still adore our cats–perhaps because they’re a lot like us. In this delightful book of devotions from the authors of Four Paws from Heaven humorous stories about cats and their people give insight into our own relationships with God.

Barney, Misty, Muffin, and a host of other feline friends illustrate how even the most contradictory creature can thrive in the presence of a loving, ever-patient owner. Each entertaining and enlightening tale encourages readers to discover how God draws us to Himself, stimulates our growth, cleanses and refines us, teaches us His ways, and reigns over us for our own good. Perfect for animal lovers everywhere, this unique devotional inspires us to delight in the Lord and lap up His loving presence.



M.R. (Marion) Wells has written extensively for children’s television and video programming, including several Disney shows, the animated PBS series Adventures from The Book of Virtues, and the action video series Bibleman.  In addition to her latest book, Dogs to the Rescue, she has co-authored five previous devotional books for pet lovers, including the bestselling Four Paws from Heaven (over 125,000 copies sold).  She has been on the Leaders Council of her local Community Bible Study class for 20 years and also serves on the Boards of several nonprofits.  In her spare time she loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.  She lives in Los Angeles with the puppies and kitties she adores: Mica, Becca, Marley, Bo and Bonbon.

Connie Fleishauer is a teacher and writer and enjoys filmmaking. She’s the wife of a California farmer, a mother of three, a mother-in-law, and a grandma. Stuart and Squitchey are her two well-loved dogs, and she has had a variety of cats.

Dottie P. Adams is a teaching director for Community Bible Study and has taught a Los Angeles-area Bible class for twenty-five years. She is also an ardent photographer. A wife, mom, and grandma, Dottie has loved cats since childhood. Her home is enlivened by Mooch, Mystery and Stormy.