Paws for Reflection

Written by M.R. Wells • Kris Young • Connie Fleishauer

“Authors M.R. Wells, Kris Young, and Connie Fleishauer have done it again, this time even better. In this latest devotional for animal lovers, not only have they pulled together an amazing collection of adorable and true dog stories, but they’ve added real take away depth in the devotionals that each story inspires. If you love dogs and can use a little inspiration in your day, pick up a copy of this book (or give it as a gift to your dog loving friends). You’ll love every minute of it.” – Victorya Rogers, Author, Dating Coach, former Hollywood Agent

The great writing team behind the popular Four Paws from Heaven (over 125,000 copies sold) presents even more reasons for readers to celebrate dogs and faith.

This gathering of pup tales combines true stories about dogs with what we can learn from them for handling real-life situations. More than 50 new, humorous, poignant, and spiritually insightful stories are packed together under themed sections:

  • Paws for Love: Curl Up with the Master
  • Paws for Training: Sit, Stay, Grow
  • Paws for Healing: Let God Smooth Out the Tangles
  • Paws for Guidance: Follow Your Alpha

This special gathering of short devotions reminds readers about the wonderful treats of love, faithfulness, and companionship.



M.R. (Marion) Wells has written extensively for children’s television and video programming, including several Disney shows, the animated PBS series Adventures from The Book of Virtues, and the action video series Bibleman.  In addition to her latest book, Dogs to the Rescue, she has co-authored five previous devotional books for pet lovers, including the bestselling Four Paws from Heaven (over 125,000 copies sold).  She has been on the Leaders Council of her local Community Bible Study class for 20 years and also serves on the Boards of several nonprofits.  In her spare time she loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.  She lives in Los Angeles with the puppies and kitties she adores: Mica, Becca, Marley, Bo and Bonbon.

Kris Young has worked as a screenwriter for more than 20 years and currently teaches screenwriting at the L.A. Film Studies Center and UCLA. He lives in Southern California with his wife, Celine, his son, Skye, and their dog, Rascal.

Connie Fleishauer is a teacher and writer and enjoys filmmaking. She’s the wife of a California farmer, a mother of three, a mother-in-law, and a grandma. Stuart and Squitchey are her two well-loved dogs, and she has had a variety of cats.